The Bank Robbery
 I started as a street performer, MR TV, on Venice Beach in 1998.  I was a giant telesion doing puppet shows for tourists on Venice Beach. I spent 12 years trying to perfect this act. In 2010, I finally created a version of MR TV that brought my efforts to completion. I called my new act, "The Bank Robbery". People in the audience were saying things like, "You're the best comedian I've ever seen!" and "Greatest act ever!" "The Bank Robbery" is a product of 12 years of work on the street and remains my greatest creation. It's also what got me on NBC's "America's Got Talent"! Enjoy.

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23.10 | 05:56

Ladies and gentlemen, "The Janor Device"!!

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27.09 | 03:23

In 2013, I appeared on "America's Got Talent" on NBC, the #1 show in the country! Unfortunately, I got booed off the stage during the interview!

05.08 | 02:43

I used to watch Mr. TV all the time, but then the networks went digital and my rabbit ears don't work anymore.